Hac and Quid – The Burden of the Creator

“Aren’t you a psychologist or something?”
“Existential….No they fired me.”
“What because you couldn’t cure your patients.”
“Umm, no, actually I did too good of a job I’m suspecting.”
“OK, so…”
“Most of my clients were cured, at least they say so. They seem happy and functional.”
“They just…umm…don’t produce art anymore.”
“Well, they don’t feel compelled to write or paint anymore, they just do…normal people stuff.”
“So you broke them?” Andrea said laughing
“Well I fixed them from my perspective.” Miles replied while rubbing his eyebrows
“So you, what gave Mozart antidepressants and he stopped composing?”
“No, if antidepressants work you aren’t my client. You have to go through the normal mental health care system first and if everything else fails, and you are a genius, and you are going through an existential crisis you are a candidate for my services.”
“OK, so what did you do to break/cure the geniuses.”
“What do you think I did. The goal is to solve their existential crisis. There is no way to solve an existential crisis, there is no right answer for meaning in the world. The goal is to just live life outside your head and enjoy it.
“Well I think you sort of just hit the crux of the matter right there. Just live life and be happy? So they don’t have to make art.”
“What? No. You can be happy making art. What if they enjoy making art?”
“I dunno. If they enjoyed making it how come they just stopped?”
“They didn’t stop making art. The art they make now just isn’t…quite up to snuff.”
“Not good? Like what they’re drawing stick figures and doing macaroni pictures now?”
Miles laughed begrudgingly “No, like its just derivative or average looking. They have the same technical skill they just aren’t much better than the average art school grad I guess. I don’t know, like the difference between a Picasso and the average painting isn’t technical skill and realism. There’s something else. You know what makes it a masterpiece, like what makes a genius a genius.”
“So you they fired you for making geniuses happy but suck at art?”
“Not just art, the mathematicians don’t produce anymore. But no, they didn’t say why they fired me. This is just my working theory. I see the new art they are doing and its crap. You know, no offense to them. But it just doesn’t sell. The scientists haven’t discovered anything worthwhile. A lot of these writers are my mentors and, I just hate all their new stuff.”
“Umm, because it isn’t depressing and dark anymore. Is it too, like, saccharine and optimistic for you now?”
“I don’t think that’s the problem. Not every writer who is depressed writes only depressing material. Picasso’s non-blue period stuff is still good. I haven’t noticed much of a shift of tone. It’s just, not good anymore. I have no idea why. I can’t cite like a specific passage or theme, it just doesn’t do it for me anymore.”
“What about the ones you couldn’t fix? Still good writers?”
“Yeah, that’s what made me realize the connection. The ones I was still treating or who gave up on treatment are still putting out great stuff. Some of them killed themselves though so I can’t say for all of them.”
“Anyway, no, I can’t just give you a job here. Maybe I can get you some consultation work around. I’ll get back to you on that.”


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