Form Requires Boundaries

Overthinking is dangerous. While you abstract, analyze, reconceptualize, categorize, and formulate, you aren’t feeling the warmth of the sun on your legs. The joy of life speaks for itself a lot of the time, you just have to pay attention. Though absorbing the world around you is more difficult than it sounds. Can you trust the world around you and let it all in unfiltered? What you let in and what you exclude forms the self. There is much around you that can nourish you, but much more that will hurt you. Fear develops as a natural result. We could be limitless without fear. Could we handle that? No boundaries, no truncation, infinite possibilities. Can we even imagine such an existence? No even our imagination is bounded by fear. The human mind may not be able to handle infinite information, but I’d prefer the filter to be passion rather than fear. Perhaps boundaries are necessary for something to have form. After all to exist, one needs form, and a form requires boundaries. All concepts are defined by what they are not, these are the boundaries that shape them. To exist with substance we must sacrifice the freedom to be what we are not. Choosing the human experience means giving up a great many freedoms. We are not gods, we are not omniscient or omnipotent. Our minds and bodies are shaped by a thousand invisible hands. We are slaves to time and space no matter how vigorous we are. We are enslaved by our own body and it’s thousands of needs and wants. What precious time and energy we have left to create is trapped in a limited mind. Our noble ambitions and sophisticated imagination is mocked by clumsy hands. Our salvation lies in the extension of the self. One human being has clear limitations, but as a species we are even more than the sum of our infinite parts. One scientist or artist alone can only create so much, but generations of scientists and artists inspired by and collaborating with each other have no boundaries. Our salvation lies in love, understanding, and unbounding the the self.


3 thoughts on “Form Requires Boundaries

    1. Thank you. As you can see, I’m starting to come around to the just relax and experience life philosophy of your Happiness, Simplicity, and Freedom aphorisms. Life really does speak for itself if you listen.


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