What If People With Autism Are Actually Hyperfunctional?

Originally posted on TIME:
Most people who think about autism think of people who struggle or are inept in some ways, especially when it comes to social behaviors. But there’s growing evidence that the autistic brain may actually be more super-wired to detect and absorb cues from the outside world. Now, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience suggests that the brains… Continue reading What If People With Autism Are Actually Hyperfunctional?

Form Requires Boundaries

Overthinking is dangerous. While you abstract, analyze, reconceptualize, categorize, and formulate, you aren’t feeling the warmth of the sun on your legs. The joy of life speaks for itself a lot of the time, you just have to pay attention. Though absorbing the world around you is more difficult than it sounds. Can you trust the world around you and let it all in unfiltered? … Continue reading Form Requires Boundaries


Depression and autism are a devastating combination. Depression saps your drive, resilience, work ethic, and hope. It eats away at any will to work, and taxes the strength effort requires. The problem is, if you want to live with autism, you will need to work. You will need to toil day in and day out with little to no reward. Living with Autism requires Herculean amounts of … Continue reading Sisyphus

Resilience – the ability to hold form in the face of external forces, the ability to not change despite attempts to change you. If you are hurt, you heal. When stressed you relax. If angered or saddened you calm down and reach contentment. We are elastic. In nature substances that are elastic, sometimes abstractly elastic like bonded electrons in an atom, obey Hooke’s law. When … Continue reading

Strong Women

It has begun to bother me how “strong women” are portrayed in TV and movies. It seems that strength and masculinity are too often confused with each other in our culture. The “strong women” in TV shows are not necessarily strong, they are just masculine. That is they write off any feminent qualities and just act like male power fantasy characters like Rambo. They never … Continue reading Strong Women


Is there a threshold of pain that you can never recover from? Now I am principally concerned with emotional pain here though what I say may apply to physical pain as well. How much pain is needed to break the average person? There probably isn’t such a threshold. As Dostoevsky told us in Crime and Punishment “Man can get used to anything.” I think pain … Continue reading Pain